10 Apps that can help your mental health.

It’s no secret I find technology helpful to my mental health. I’ve written about this in some of my articles, and then of course there is this website and my Instagram. I would like to take some time to tell you about another aspect of technology I find helpful, apps. So without further ado here are 10 apps that an help your mental health.

1. Insight Timer  

Insight Timer is a free meditation app. There are hundreds of guided meditations that cover many topics from sleep to concentration. The meditations have various lengths, philosophies, and some include music. In addition to this there is also a meditation timer, you can utilize for your own silent meditation.  Whether you are new to meditation or a pro, this app has something for everyone.

2. Round Health

There are many different medication reminder apps, and this is the one that I have found best suits my needs. I appreciate the simple design, and the ability to save past and current medications. I find I often pull this out at appointments when I need to remember the long list of medications I’m on. If you find you ever forget to take your medications and could use a place to store the list of what you take, this might be great app for you.

3. Breathe2Relax

Breathe2Relax is a very simple app, with a great purpose. It has a visual breath scale, which has customizable features such as length and whether or not there is voice guidance. This app can be very helpful for anyone who needs some help reducing stress, or something to focus on during a panic attack.

4. Drugs.com

This is a handy medication guide app, which can be useful in understanding the medications you already take, or that are new. It also has a helpful feature that warns of possible complications when certain medications are taken together.  This is a great app for anyone who takes multiple medications.

5. Symple 

By now you may have noticed a theme in the type of apps I like, I like the ones that are simple, and this one, as their name suggests, also falls in that category. Symple is a symptom tractor and diary, that is very easy to use. It has an additional feature that is very neat, it will compile the data you input and create a report for your doctor. This is a great app for anyone who is working on having a better understanding of their symptoms and triggers.

6. Period Tracker Lite

There are several different period trackers available, and it is worth doing some research to see which one best suits your needs. I appreciate this tracker because it is easy to use, is password protected, and allows you to keep notes. I include this in my list of mental health apps, because I find it is very helpful to keep track of my period, so that I can remember how it might be affecting my mood.

7. Sleep Cycle 

Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep, and then helps you to get a better one. This app shows you how often you wake up, are restless, and are sound asleep. It also serves as a more intuitive alarm clock, waking you up at the best time in your sleep cycle.  This is great app for anyone who is hoping to learn more about their sleep, as well as anyone who is looking for a better wake up. Additionally this can be helpful data to show your physician when discussing sleep problems.

8. Woebot

I recently learned about this feature, and while it’s been around for a little while, I think it is still not well known. Woebot is different than an app, but it is still something you can use on your phone. Woebot is a chat feature you can find on facebook. This “bot” is your own personal CBT robot.  As you chat with the robot, it helps you to see the patterns in your thinking, suggests possible resources, and more. For being a computer system, it actually works very well, and has lots of suggestions. Perfect for anyone who is looking to do some light CBT, and for those who may find online therapy easier than in person.  *update* They also have it as an app now!

9. Calm in The Storm 

Calm in The Storm is an app that can serve many purposes. It has meditations, stress reduction tools, teaching sections, and allows you to check-in and receive suggestions of what could help you. One of the really great features is the Safety Plan section. Here you can input what your warning signs are, your reasons to live, the contact numbers of your support system, and more. This is a great app for anyone looking for a one-stop system that allows you to manage your stress. It is also great for anyone who would benefit from being able to quickly access a safety plan.

10. Pokémon Go. 

I’m a Pokemon nut, so I have to include it here along with my other helpful apps. The truth is though Pokemon Go has been a great tool for me, particularly when it comes to being active. On days where I don’t want to get up and moving, I am still motivated to get outdoors at least for a few minutes, so I can catch a few pocket monsters. It may be a useful tool for anyone who needs more physical activity in his or her life.


I think it is important to use technology to it’s full potential, in way that serves you, not hinders you. As you can see there are many great apps that can be used to help you with your mental health. I hope you can use my suggestions, and that you will find some of your own. If you have other apps that you love, that aren’t listed, please let everyone know in the comments!

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