Frequently Asked Questions.

What does YXE mean?  It's the Saskatoon airport code.



Who are you? What's your role? What are your Qualifications?

My Name is Heidi Fischer. I grew up on a farm, and I live in Saskatoon. I am a mental health advocate and total nerd, not necessarily in that order. I have 20 years of lived experience, with 10+ years experience using medication and therapy. I also have a Masters Degree in Marriage Family & Child Counselling (MFCC). I am not licenced or practising. 

When did you start being an advocate? Why?

I started public advocacy in the form of my Instagram page, June 2017. Prior to this I was always very open about my mental health with friends, but hadn't spoken about it publicly. From an early age I have enjoyed writing, especially about my mental health. I felt I had something to share with the world, but didn't know how to make that happen. One day I just stumbled upon the idea of running a mental health Instagram page, and my advocacy was born.  I do it because it helps me and it helps others. I do it to reduce stigma. I do it for those who aren't yet able to share their story.



Who is your audience?

Anyone who wants to listen. Individuals with mental illness. Folks who want to support and understand someone in their life. Family, friends, coworkers, teachers, mental health professionals. All are welcome here.

Where can I get help? 

Check out my list of resources as a place to start. I largely focus my resource list, on Saskatoon first, then Sask., then Canada, then a little bit more. I do this because I'm based in Saskatoon, and because if I start listing for other places it will never end. Luckily it is usually quite easy to find resources via the web. 



If I see you in public can I say hi? Do you do collaborations online or in real life? 

Absolutely say hi if you see me, it doesn't bother me one bit. If we haven't met before I'm not good at remembering faces via Instagram, so I may not know who you are, so feel free to remind me. I for sure will consider collaborations that fit with my values and ideas. I'm usually happy to do shoutouts for your mental health projects as well. 

How can I hear you speak? Can I interview you for my blog, podcast, tv news, radio...?

I currently do speaking through the Schizophrenia Society, which is typically booked by schools, colleges, and community organizations. Contact the Schizophrenia Society to organize an engagement. Yes I likely want to be interviewed, so feel free to ask!

Sweet speaking swag is the best.

Sweet speaking swag is the best.


I'd like to make a donation to help cover the cost of this website or as a thank-you, is that possible?

So good of you to ask! Why yes you can! Please consider becoming a Patreon by clicking here!

I have a different question, can I send you a message?   

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