The 2-Minute Rule I Use When I'm Too Depressed to Clean the Kitchen

Keeping things orderly is not my strong suit, especially when I'm dealing with depression. While all areas of my home suffer, no area suffers more than my kitchen. Dishes pile up, clutter is not organized and surfaces are not wiped down.

6 Signs Your Job Is Toxic for Your Mental Health

Everyone has bad days at work - a customer is rude, you need to rush to finish a project, you have to skip lunch or some other annoying thing. If this is now and then, only 10 percent of the time, I'd say that is probably OK. Nothing is perfect.

The Side Effect of Going Off Antidepressants You May Not Have Heard Of

Imagine this scenario. You're having an average day, and you're in the mood for a coffee. You decide to walk over to your favorite coffee shop, just a few short minutes away. Step, step, step. Zap! Step. Zap! Wait, what? Zap? Zap shouldn't be a part of this equation.

The Symptom of Depression We Need to Start Talking About

There are certain familiar symptoms of depression we often hear about, such as sadness, oversleeping or isolation. There are other symptoms though, that aren't as out in the open, and I struggle with one of them. I have difficulty feeding myself adequately. I struggle to get enough calories, nutrients and variety.

7 Little Motivation Tricks for Depression and Anxiety

Motivation is a tricky thing, and sometimes you have to fight back with your own tricks. As a person who lives with depression and anxiety, I often struggle to get the most basic of things done. It's not that I physically can't or that I'm choosing not to - it's that everything becomes difficult and the fatigue is very real.

8 Tips for Dealing With 'Anxiety Nausea'

Sometimes when my anxiety really gets to me, especially if it's prolonged, I can feel nauseous. It's similar to the "butterflies in the stomach" most people have experienced in their life, but it is much more drawn out, and can come unexpectedly.